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Basic Driver Improvement (BDI).

For people who need to take the 4 hour course, Basic Driving Improvement (BDI) course required by the DHSMV in order to avoid points. 

You can only elect to take this course once every 12 months since the date you signed your affidavit at the time that you pay for your fine (ticket). You can only elect to take the BDI course up to five (5) times in your life time. Make sure you inform the court of your intentions to take the course.  In order to maintain your SAFE DRIVER status on your driver's license this course will benefit you.  At the end of the course, you will receive the certificate of completion. Please make sure to take it in person or mail it via certified receipt to the courthouse where you signed the affidavit in order for them to close your case and no points will be added to your driver's record.  The infraction will still show up on your driver's record but next to it, adjudication withheld will show  and no points will be added on your record.

If you are required by the court (court ordered) to take this course, at the end of the class you must turn in the certificate of completion to the court where you were ordered to take the class.

If you have any questions or concern regarding the above or other topics, kindly email us at udrivesafefl@yahoo.com.
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